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  Media Kit

The United States Bone and Joint Initiative (USBJI) provides resources on this site to assist in the development of stories concerning issues and advances in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment of bone and joint disorders. One in three American adults suffer from arthritis, and one in seven Americans suffer from a musculoskeletal condition. With an increasing and aging population the challenge is mounting to ensure quality care and quality of life for those affected. That is where the U.S. Bone and Joint Initiative comes in. We are happy to provide you with background information and connections to expert physician and patient advocacy spokespersons.

National Action Week - October 12-20 - Same dates, every year

Who's who and patient information resources
Under two sections you will find links to the patient and professional health care organizations participating in the new Initiative formerly known as the United States Bone and Joint Decade:
  • Friends of the Initiative

  • For Patients - Conditions and Resources

To contact the USBJI itself please email usbji@usbji.org, or phone (847) 430-5052/5053.

About the Initiative
Includes facts and figures on the prevalence of bone and joint disorders (burden of disease), a link to the President Bush's official proclamation and a link to the Bone and Joint Decade international site.

Includes our own USBJI Newsletter, a section with other news and events, and the calendar of meetings and events that relate to the Initiative.

Projects and Activities
Includes links to information on the special initiatives designed to further the ultimate goals of the Initiative - increased public awareness, patient empowerment, increased resources for research, and improved diagnosis and treatment.

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